brooks before and afterWhy did you decide to join a fitness centre?

I have always been into sport and relatively fit but never went to the gym. A few years after finishing high school I had gained a fair bit of weight and was living a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. My partner and close friend who was a regular at the gym encouraged me to go and join the gym.

Why did you choose Pure Fitness?

Mark my partner had not long started working as a Personal Trainer at Pure Fitness.  I also had an exercise partner in my friend Jen who was already a member of Pure Fitness.

What are the things you most enjoy about training here?

More than anything it comes down to the people. The atmosphere created by the trainers at Pure Fitness is great, they accommodate all fitness levels whether it’s in a boxing class, or Boot camp I never felt uncomfortable they are always encouraging and motivate you.  Also the relationships I have created with the people I train with help push me and hold me accountable if I miss a session or two J

What has been your biggest achievements since you have being training with us?

Since Joining Pure Fitness I have lost 17kg. I have changed my lifestyle and have helped my sister and best friend do the same.  More than anything I’m proud of the fact that my hard work encouraged others to get up and train too!

What are your future health and fitness goals?

I am at a stage were the number on the scale isn’t a driving factor for me anymore I just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continually set new training goals.

This year I want to attempt a half marathon with some other Pure Fitness Members that we go running with.

What personal interests do you have away from fitness i.e. family, sports and hobbies?

I would watch pretty much any sport, and I also love to read books. If I’m not working or working out I spending time with Mark and my family watching sport or socialising with friends.

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining Pure Fitness?

I might be biased but the personal trainers at pure fitness know there stuff.  Whatever your fitness goals are they truly are invested in your progress and want to see you succeed.  I have never been happier with myself and I’m thankful everyday that I decided to join Pure Fitness.