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Personal Training

Personal training is 100% focused on you!
You will be exposed to in-depth instruction and guidance from your trainer to set you up for success. We will design a program tailored for you and the results you are after. This one on one setting is great for anybody that is just starting out on their health and fitness journey or is not a fan of group training.

Time to Live Better!

28 Days Personal Training Experience


What’s Included:

  • 2 x 30mins session per week.
  • Nutritional plan – What to eat, when to eat for the best results.
  • Gym Access.
  • Unlimited Boxing for Fitness Classes.


Cost is $299

Of course you can! Our personal training is design for you around your current fitness abilities and the results you want to achieve.

Yes we will give you nutritional plan of what to eat when to eat for the best results.

No if you miss a session you can’t make it up next week, If you give 24 hours’ notice that you can‘t make a session you can rebook it for another time that week but not the following week.

Monday – Friday
6am- 11.30am & 3.30pm-8pm

Invest in Yourself & Live Better Today!


Backed By Results

Invest in Yourself and Live Better!