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Fitness with RJ Episode #1

Wholebody Weights Workout.

A1. Db lunges 3 x 20 reps /rest 10sec
A2. Seated Rows 3 x 12 reps /rest 30sec
B1. Incline Db Press 37* 3 x 12 reps /rest 10sec
B2. Lying Hamstring Curls 3 x 12 reps /rest 30sec
C1. Leg Press 4 x 10 reps /rest 10sec
C2. Barbell Clean and Press 4 x 10 /reps rest 30sec
D1. Back Extensions 3 x 12 reps /rest 10sec
D2. Plank 3 x 1min /rest 30sec

Alternate between A1 & A2 exercises and do required sets and reps of each.
Enjoy ?

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Body Weight Hell

So you think body weight training is easy? Give this high powered Body weight session a go and see how you feel after!

Set Up..

10 x exercises / 15 reps of each exercise/ 10 rounds

First round complete all 10 exercises 15 reps of each exercise, In order 1-10
Second round complete exercises 1-9 / 15 reps of each exercise dropping off the last exercise. #10
Third round complete exercises 1-8 / 15 reps of each exercise dropping off the last exercise. #9
Continue this sequence for all other rounds following.

Aim: Is to complete as quick as possible


  1. Burpees
  2. Squats Jumps
  3. Toe Touches
  4. Inch Worms
  5. Glute Bridges
  6. Sit ups
  7. Jumping Lunges
  8. Push ups
  9. Mountain Climbers
  10. Frog Squats

The best thing about this workout is that you can do it anywhere and you don’t need any equipment. If you need help lose weight or improving your fitness email here rj@purefitness.net.au or call me 47 32 2884 and find out how I can help you.

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Jason Micallef – Lost 17kg

I decided to join Pure Fitness as I use to work next door and saw the results the members were getting and that’s what I wanted to achieve.

The staff are fantastic – always ready to answer any questions and so supportive of every member and their goals. The equipment and classes are great, and having made friends with a few of the members also makes it more enjoyable. I have kids, so the crèche is also really convenient.

I have now dropped 17kg and feel great! I’m aiming to lose more weight, tone up and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. I didn’t realise how good I would feel from losing so much weight.

I would highly recommend Pure Fitness to anyone wanting to lose weight and increase their fitness.

The staff are great and provide so much assistance and support, the gym has a great atmosphere.


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Fat Loss Workout #1

Fat Loss Workout #1

Warm up: 10 Minutes light jog, rower or bike


  • Complete 3 rounds
  • 1 minute per exercise
  • 1 minute  rest after completing each round


  1. Squats
  2. Push Up
  3. Toe Touches
  4. Burpees
  5. Plank
  6. Bicycles
  7. Lunges
  8. Inch worms
  9. Donkey Kicks
  10. Mountain climbers
  11. 1 Minute Rest (Repeat Circuit)

If you are want help losing weight or improving your health and fitness email me or call anytime to find out how I can help you.


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* Fit ball Hamstring curls

Exercise description: This is a great exercise for the hamstrings, glutes and your core strength. This is a challenging exercise as the ball is unstable.

Exercise instruction:

1.Lay on the back, place your heels and calves on the ball and place your arms out at 90*.
2.Rise your hips off the ground squeezing your glutes as you come up. Once your hips form a straight line with your shoulders and feet, bend your knees rolling the ball towards you. Keep driving your hips up as you bend your knees.
3.Reverse these steps on the way down, touching your hips on the ground each time.
4.Maintain breathing through out.

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* Triceps bench dips

Exercise Description: This exercise is great for sculpting and toning your triceps.

Exercise instruction:

1. Place your hands on the side of the bench with fingers pointing down towards the ground.
2. For a beginner place your feet out in front of you with a 90* bend in your knees.
To make the exercise harder place your feet out in front of you with straight legs and have only your heels on the ground.
3. Slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbows and sending them back over the bench. Make sure you scoop the bench with your back, keeping you nice and close to the bench.
4. Push up through your hands and return to the starting point. Don’t lock your elbows, so you keep tension in the triceps.
5. Breathe in on the way down and out on the way up.

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* Push-up staggered hand position

Exercise Description: The push-up strengthens the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles. This variation has been test and found to also work your obliques muscles really well too.

Exercise instruction:

1.Position yourself on your toes and hands, with one hand at shoulder level and the other just outside the lower part of your ribcage.
2.Brace your abdominal muscles and keep your torso stiff as you bend your elbows and lower your chest just off the ground.
3.Push back up until just before your elbows lock out.
4.Breathe in on the way down and out on the way up.

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* RKC Plank

Exercise Description: This is an advanced version of the plank exercise, strengthens your abdominals, glutes and shoulders.

Exercise instruction:
1.Lie on your front on the floor, resting on your elbows and toes. Position your elbows under your forehead.
2.Your torso should form a straight line with your legs. Your body won’t be dead straight, you will have a slight pike but that’s ok.
3.Look at your hands so that your head and neck stay in a neutral position.
4.Squeeze your glutes tight and think about creating tension in your abdominals by pulling your elbow towards your toes and vice versa. There won’t actually be any movement, just the intent to move and generate force into the ground.
5.Maintain continuous breathing.

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