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PenrithGlenmore Park

24 Hours Gym

Pure Fitness is not your typical fitness centre, We are a family owned 24 hour fitness business with 2 great locations. Penrith and Glenmore Park.We pride ourselves on building a community of like-minded people, here a Pure Fitness you will not just be a number you will be apart of fitness family.

Group Training Classes

Our specially designed group training classes are design to ensure our client improve in all aspect of their health and fitness. We have all bases covered from a strong strength and conditioning foundation to your fast-paced high intensity workouts that will improve your athletic performance.  

Train with purposes, Train with Pure Fitness 

Personal Training

Maximize your results with our team of personal trainers.You will be exposed to in-depth instruction and guidance from your trainer to set you up for success. We will design a program tailored for you and the results you are after.