Aimy SchembriI decided to join Pure Fitness, like a lot of people I wasn’t happy with how I looked, I had started to gain some weight and lacked confidence. I had a few friends that trained their already and said they really enjoyed training there. It really helps to have friends there to train with and keep me motivated.

When I first started I had never trained at a gym before and was apprehensive and a little self-conscious. Very quickly I became comfortable training with Pure Fitness. I especially enjoy boot camps everyone helps to motivate and push each other and the trainers and the classes are accommodating to everyone.

I have not only lost 12kg but I am happier and fitter than I have ever been. My Body has changed and I am more happy and confident with my everyday life because of it.

I am so glad I got off my butt and joined the Pure Fitness! If you are serious about wanting to lose weight or get fit don’t put it off!  The time will pass and you’ll stay the same. The trainers at Pure Fitness provide great support and create classes that push you and get results.