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24 Hours Gym

Pure Fitness is a 24 hour fitness centre helping clients live better through health and fitness.
By joining Pure Fitness, you are joining team of fitness professionals, weather you are a beginner or a seasoned trainer we are here to help you succeed

Boxing For Fitness

Pure Fitness ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class is a high intensity interval training class utilising time intervals of 2- 3 minutes per round that will burns serious amounts of calories and deliver you a full body workout!

Boot Camp

Pure Fitness boot camps are the ultimate group training experience! Our formula of Lift, Move, Sweat, will deliver you the complete high intensity workout!

Personal Training

Maximize your results with our team of personal trainers.You will be exposed to in-depth instruction and guidance from your trainer to set you up for success. We will design a program tailored for you and the results you are after.

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