Fitness with RJ Episode #1

Wholebody Weights Workout.

A1. Db lunges 3 x 20 reps /rest 10sec
A2. Seated Rows 3 x 12 reps /rest 30sec
B1. Incline Db Press 37* 3 x 12 reps /rest 10sec
B2. Lying Hamstring Curls 3 x 12 reps /rest 30sec
C1. Leg Press 4 x 10 reps /rest 10sec
C2. Barbell Clean and Press 4 x 10 /reps rest 30sec
D1. Back Extensions 3 x 12 reps /rest 10sec
D2. Plank 3 x 1min /rest 30sec

Alternate between A1 & A2 exercises and do required sets and reps of each.
Enjoy 💪

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